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Monday, September 20, 2010


                  In my opinion, it's the quality more than the quantity that really matters most.  I should be careful in making decisions. I may feel tempted to gratify my feelings without thinking the consequences.  Impulsive behavior may be ruled out but I always believe that it's the discipline approach matters more.
                    Lots of inspirations and aspirations came out to my mind that can became real goals to pursue. My dreams and prayers reveal the path to follow with step by step. I've always been needing help from another person, a person who may be pleased to know how much I need them ~ their understanding. Their understanding could help me more than I realized or someone who is sympathetic with me.

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Yodz de Veas Insigne said...

cool rationalizations. I also do this - Expressing and introspecting my feelings by writing it.
When I read it the following week, I makes me smile, thinking "wow did I really wrote it?"
Nice personal blog. Keep it up.

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