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Monday, October 4, 2010

Places I'd love to go

Here are the place that I'd love to go! :-)

Matterhorn of Switzerland

Luxembourg Germany

Outland in Mexico

Sistine Chapel in Rome

City of London

Palm Islands of Dubai

Garden Staircase in Kyoto, Japan

The Great wall of China

And ofcourse Tinago Falls in Lanao Del Norte, Philippines...

I'd like to experience the place and feel the history beyond this scenarios...Sounds may Luxurious but who knows???.. hehe :-)  I remember my professor told me that "You have the plan to go far places but make sure on which way to go first it may lead you to indecisiveness...."

Right now I decided to stay in Davao City Philippines and get a life to earn, so that I can go to those pictures I've shown and have real ones standing on that area....

1 comment:

TOLITS said...

in the right time...who knows mas higit pa dyan sa mga pinapangarap mo..

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