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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Banay- banay Burias Coral Reef, Davao Oriental.

Here it is, the Banay-banay Burias Coral Reef!

Have you ever tried to decide abruptly without having second thought to travel with your most two favorite people in the world?

The day after the celebration of my birthday. My two cousins and I have secretly, abruptly wandered to this beautiful place. Four hours from home we went here at Banay- banay Burias Coral Reef, Davao Oriental.

We  visited our aunt and stopover to their house, surprisingly. We viewed the beautiful scenery of their fish pond. Viewed also the wonderful mangroves. We bought fish to grill and ate it inside the house in the middle of the sea.

This was one of the beautiful experiences I’ve experience this 2014!

And I Praise and thank God for this wonderful ocean. 

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