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Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's on my mind?, What's on my thoughts?

                   As I open this new post I ask myself what's on my mind? what's on my thoughts?

                There’s nothing wrong of having knowledge and power as long as it is beneficial to all mankind, not rooted with greedy and personal selfish interest. Having a brain is a gift from God to people to be used as to think what is right and wrong. I agree that when man enjoys having his creative powers may lead to potential destruction unless there is wisdom from God above and it could give a good benefit to all. What the mind goes the body will follow, so whatever the desire of the person might be the reflection of what his or her attitudes and values.

            I believe that it is essential for a person to commit mistake and let him learn from his or her experience so that it would fill into his being and own realization that committing a mistake is not a stupidity but a chance to be improved as a person. Indeed, the feeling of emptiness also has a purpose to be filled in. Some say, “it is wiser to learn from the mistake of others” but again an experienced felt from the heart and soul could drive change for the person and can change self and able to inspire others to change too. 

                 People may have different ways and different expressions of love. I agree that love is not enough to live here in this world. There must be understanding, compromise, and sacrifice which cannot be seen as sacrifice, but a joy. There must be a purpose on why a person live here in this world as a motivational force. I believe that I myself should have meaning of what I do. This kind of job that I have is a choice as I find it noble and makes me realize that my existence in this world is worth the while. 

                There are so many things that I could think or make. Some people think that I am great, but the thing is they do not know what I have gone through. All they know is, the outer look that I wear every day. They do not care to ask you if you are okay. Or what’s bothering inside?, what hunts you?. It is also a hint that people are not interested to you. Sometimes we will meet a stranger thinking if that stranger will be with us, to our journeys in life or for the rest of our lives. Sometimes I was in a stance to think that I am strong , I can do it! But the truth is, I am at 0% capacity and the only thing that I am clinging to is to our God Almighty.

                 It is true that self and society is interconnected. If I would like to change the society it must be started within me. I should strive to become emotionally stable or stable in all aspects so that I am able to help others. I should make myself responsible in my own attitude , behavior and values, before becoming an agent of change to the society.  These are in my thoughts right now... 

                Self-respect  is so much important for me to gain the respect from others. I have already accepted Jesus in my heart and He may live in me. Jesus Christ  used to help other people. He doesn’t choose anyone as being with Him but He is fair to all and exempt no one to be called as his friend. He searched me and He knows my ways. There is no greater love than the love of Christ our Savior. So much thankful of knowing and understanding Him.  May He will always be my model of doing things that could always please Him. 

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