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Thursday, November 30, 2017


by Christine Delos Santos Montera

Every beginning will start in zero
Like an empty round as halo
As time passes by
That will be shaded dye.

Hopes were rooted from the ground
And that will be spreading all over around
Several wanting to have it all
But this is much not from a material.

This was once the goal before
And made me realize a nice savor
That thought will be over,
But not until it  makes a wonder.

I sit and type about life,
The pages were quite without any strife.
The words seem to get the spirit to fight
Does anyone gets and adhere it right?

Am I not that tough?
That my days were not enough,
Hope to let those seeds to grow
And let my memory go to flow.

So that I dusted of the trance
And turn it to anew.
If God wills, it forced will be
Before my breath is through. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

When do we consider that time is very important?

 When do we consider that time is very important?

‘til you haven’t reached the last trip of the bus;
‘til you haven’t reached the last minute of a last full show in cinema;
‘til you haven’t seen the sunrise or a sunset because you are so busy of the deadliest lines;
‘til you never get the restful sleep because you are preoccupied of your graveyard duty;
‘til you’ve been dismissed in the examination test because your exam time is 8:00 a.m. but you came 8:01;
‘til you got second thoughts to say I love you and wasn’t able to express it because the person has already died ;
'til your spouse committed suicide because you're too busy and unknowingly they've been suffering depression;
‘til you haven’t got the chance to see the shooting star because you kept on scrolling your FB newsfeeds;
‘til you haven’t got the chance to hear the story of your 7-year-old daughter about your family picture because you are too busy frolicking around drinking with your friends.

Indeed time is very important. Not all people got the second chance in life. Make the best out of your time and spend it wisely. 

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