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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What to say when your friend is losing faith?

What to say when your friend is losing faith?

Its hard to hear from a good friend that she's losing her faith. She thought that God wasn't able to hear her prayers. She was troubled regrets, anger and impatience attacking her. Her mind was clouded with emotions which lead her to felt unappreciated to what she has at this moment. She's now in the brink of unhappiness. 

It doesn’t mean we are Christians we cannot experience struggles. In fact the more we believe in God the more we are prone to temptation. To think that we can’t get through our problems in life. We are the target of the evil forces. And their way is to let us feel that we are being abandoned by God as what they thought and believe it towards God. 
God will never abandon us He will always be there for us. This is a test of faith. Pray, pray, lets pray, do not stop praying. You will get through this and God will be your rock. If all else fails, remember Job. Satan did his worst to that man, and no matter how bleak things looked, Job never wavered in his faith. In that story God ALLOWED Satan to torment Job because he wanted to use Job to make a point to the enemy. Job was God's loyal and faithful servant and nothing that Satan did would ever change that. In the end, Job was rewarded abundantly. We are all in constant spiritual warfare. Hang in there, let’s pray, I pray for you and always keep the faith.
After reading her text I offered a prayer and ask God to send to her the holy spirit and give her wisdom to find meaning and purpose to what she had been through right now. 

When in times like this, when we don’t know what to do and what to say to our suffering friend experiencing the loss of faith. Let us refer her to a counselor of the church, to a Pastor or Priest, to a guidance counselor and always say a prayer after the conversation.

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