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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


                     Have you ever had that kind of  feeling ??? a feeling of uneasiness, pretending that you are happy but exactly not. Pretending that you like what you are doing but in fact not... She said to me " You know what??? I am so lucky that I have a job because there's a lot of my friends who doesn't have a job. Unlike me??? had a job but don't like and love it... I know from the beginning what I want , I am trying to like it but there's no changes, It's really hard to like what you don't like Its like pushing yourself to someone you don't love , you're just fooling yourself. and ended as Unhappy, unsatisfied and unenthusiastic..." 

                       To my friend you already knew what makes you happy... maybe you have the idea on how to make yourself happy I knew you knew it... lets pray for that happiness... God bless you and your family! :-)

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