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Monday, May 25, 2009


May 16, 2009. Kabricks intrude the Samal in Canibad, it is a secret island that we wouldn't thought that theres a place like this.

The place got a perfect spot for the sunrise. It was shining through us pleasantly as we've stood and waited.

The water is so clean, we called it virgin island as with a virgin water.

So far only few people who came and visited. Because it was located in the place that far from the City.

The views were so perfect. We are very eager to have a picture as if, " if we haven't a shot from this place , we miss the half of our lives."

pose h
ere, there and every where.
These are my friends Jassie,I, Zarah and Arah. We are inspired to take a pic together because we're wearing pink heheehe...
Girls with Pedro....

Mermaids... in the Island

jump to the higest level... hehe

Out of the beautiful day. We played Frisbee

Team 1: Tan, Elaine, Karen and vhanz
Team 2: Tin, Arah, Pedro and Zarah
Arah got the one hand catch!

picture with the rest

~theres no winner we forgot the scores. heheh

Our pic together.

Marvin, Tan, Zarah, Ryan, Karen,
Elaine, Jassie, Arah, Tin, Pedro and Vhanz.
~After lunch we decided to go to HAGIMIT FALLS.

Elaine and I, climbing....

Moment....while waiting the motorcycle

the entrance fee of 20 pesos only, very affordable.

There is no cottage here. You only have to bring tent or any other materials , for you to stop over and swim.

And we found a nice spot here to stay and swim...
We put our food and things to the rocks.

Don't you know theres so much more areas here. We wanted more! So we explore in one falls to another.

We really enjoyed our trip

and at the same time we are able to deepen our friendship through team building, bondings and telling stories.

The place here is so awesome. I would never forget the experience I have here with my friends....

From the busiest days that we have. We realized that , we really need to have a recreational activities like this.

~We are thinking on how to stop the current. heheh

What a nice summer! Thank God we're safe!


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