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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Baby Loureane, having Writing Enhancement Session

(Mitzi-wearing black,Grace in
white,Joy dress blue and baby-in

~these are the daughters of my cousins, my nieces...

I love spending time with

We used to dance, sing and

I love to listen in their
imaginative stories......

They love to sing the high school musical songs...

These are my neighbors...
(Abby and her sister Ann, Kat and

I used to spend time with this
kids every summer.
Read them a
stories from bible... and let them
draw anything from their minds
and express their feelings
through colors....

This kids was so enjoyable to be with...
I missed the time being with them...
They are now grown ups as well as
I am.
Having my own priorities. :-)
I may not able to meet them every
anymore but I hope all the
laughters we've shared
will stay
forever in their hearts and remain
as the CHILDREN OF GOD! :-)

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S* said...

Nice colorful Blog.
Thank you for comment on my blog.
I agree with you in prayer.

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