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Monday, May 25, 2009


A friend is someone you know, you like and trust.

You may have one best friend or you may be friendly with several people.
Friends like do things together and help each other out.

Athough you do not always agree with a friend, you want what is best for that person. You may argue, but you do not stop caring. And your friend feels exactly the same way about.
Friends usually have a lot in common. This helps them to understand each other and have fun together. Friends can be quite different from each other , too. But they compromise enable to grow.

Elderly can be friends with youngerpeople. People often become friends because they enjoy doing the same things,
the same mission but have unique qualities.

Its a special feeling to have a good,

and be a good friend.

You can be friends someone in your neighborhood or
someone at school. Friends make everything more fun!

You may find that after talking or playing with someone a few times, you really enjoy being with that person.

Friends are an important part of the world around you. They help you pray. And work out together to bring out the best of themselves and to others.

Being a friend means caring for another person and trying to do things that will please that person.

Sharing and and understanding, being considerate and thoughtful, all play an important role in building friendship.
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