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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recognition Day

 It was so overwhelming that I received an award I never expect this thing to happen. It's just that God blessed me in so many ways.I must say It is time to harvest the fruits of our labor :-)

With my Aunt
The fouth year Psychology Students with our Program Head, Prof. Noemi U. Bataga, Social Sciences Discipline Prof. Evangeline Guinto and the College of Arts and Sciences Dean , Dr. Gerlieta S. Ruiz.
                I just got an awards Civic Org in school as "the longest peer facilitator in line". And Third Honors in Academic.

               I am so happy :-)  I would like to share my joy and victory to my family and friends. I never expect to received an award, for me only to graduate is enough but I'm just so blessed. God be the glory!....

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