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Sunday, October 25, 2009


              September 19, 2009 Saturday International Coastal Clean Up day.... It is one of the Community Extension of our school (University of Mindanao) at Punta Dumalag Davao City. And our school department College of Arts and Sciences were delight to be invited to this event (Community Service) together with our dean and heads of every discipline in every colleges..

              Everyone loves spending time in the ocean and listening to the waves while observing a beautiful sunset closing a beautiful day, but it so distractive when you see there’s a lot of garbage near where you stand.

         Every now and then the cause of water pollution has been tackled in school. Part of those lessons, it continues to be serious especially here. No wonder when the time comes that we’re picking up the fishes lying dead on the sand begins to think why we are contributing to trashing such beautiful water with incredibly living organisms in it.

  We talk of how beautiful the corals are found in the ocean and many different colored fishes that are swimming , wandering but could just imagine all those things being talk about dying due to these trashes.

          As an individual we all have the responsibility to take care of our resources. Because along with polluting the ocean it could not just kill the species and plant life and other living organisms but also harmful to human health , welfare, animal or property.

           I’m so thankful being a part of this activity, because I really believe in every little thing we make a big difference.

              Inspired from the text messages “when the last TREE is cut, the last FISH is caught and the last RIVER is polluted, only then will man realize that he cannot eat his money”


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