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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mt. Diwata, Compostela Valley , Philippines

This is way to Diwalwal, Mt. Diwata

1 hour we've travelled from Monkayo Municipality,

The views were really amazing while travelling,

Its the peak of Mt. Diwata....
the views were really amazing.

Here we are, the psychology student volunteers, Eleni on the right side, Jovi on the left side and I'm on the center.

The PSYCHOLOGY and SOCIAL WORK students hand in hand to build a renewed society...

We, the Pyschosocial team, from different countries and places in davao with every other organization have the same mission....

The INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY MISSION was initiated by the Exodus Justice for Peace, and headed by the different organizations. Was held last May 15-16, 2009.
This event had a MEDICAL TEAM (circumsition, dental, cease operation, and check up) the team were able to give a free medicine to the residents of Mt. Diwata, Diwalwal Compostela Valley Province, Philippines. The PSYCHOSOCIAL TEAM were able to give inputs for kids (drawing, story telling, dancing, singings and lot of games). While
the DOCUMENTATION TEAM documented the whole activity from day one to end.

It's was so tiring yet fulfilling, the feeling of sharing smiles and giving joy to others are immeasurable...
On what we did, To God be the Glory!

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