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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nuffnang Blog Survey

Nuffnang rewarded Psychables 100Phph!

Nuffnang is the leading Asia Pacific’s Blog Advertising Community to which the bloggers get the chance to acquaint with one another, advertise, share ideas and helping to develop each member’s skills and creativity. 

Nuffnang sent me survey last February 8, 2012, attached their survey link. This is more on what was the feeling of being a blogger, more on the things of what blogger were used to utilize to different applications and more!

Nuffnang have served for 5 years and they were happy to know and get feedbacks from each members to become more convenient and more reliable partners in serving the community. 

I can easily relate on the survey questions that is why it so easy for me to answer those.

 I just answered the survey and I got 100Php!

How did this happen? I just kept on ticking on the box that corresponds to what I have believed in, agreed and usually do.  Then after two weeks I received 100Php on my nuffnang account.

It was a great honor affiliating with nuffnang. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to share my blog here in nuffnang and more thankful when I met a lot of friends with brilliant ideas and such great people. Thanks Nuffnang!

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