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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mindanao Tribes in Davao City

It is my pleasure to witness the parade of the respective various tribes of Davao City. They were greatly honored to present their clan as well as their crafts, culture and traditions.

     This was taken last August ~ 26th Kadayawan in Davao City

These are tribes in Mindanao Hope it could help on your researches. 

Klata Tribe
Ata Tribe

Maranao Tribe
Obu Manuvo Tribe
Tagabawa Tribe

Sama Tribe
Taosug Tribe

Kagan Tribe


Mr. Banane said...

This looks very festive, indeed, I do not know enough to understand about what it is with the parade. But because the people look not particularly furiously, I assume from the fact that it is no demonstration against some negative.
For my unknowledge and my missing linguistic proficiency I ask for excuse.

♥ hana banana ♥ said...

kay daming tribes! oh kay saya!

tim said...

Gwapa kaayo ah! Anyway, asa ka sa Davao?

BNP said...

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HD Cafe said...

Nice article. Keep it up.

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