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Friday, December 17, 2010

G.G's Friends Christmas Party!

We celebrated Christmas Party with friends psych alumni at Matina Town Square Calda. We ate a big pizza and then after we exchanged presents. But before that we describe the person to whom we are about to give our gifts.


We laughed out loud when we heard these.  Cha the hard worker.  JeanMarie  the owner of Island. Gerlie the shy type but not exactly.  Mai the friendliest and helpful. Sheena the book worm. Janet the dedicated fellow. Tin the in love and Aljoy the hacker.

  That was great God’s gift party we really enjoyed eating the pizza and updating each and every ones activity. Sheena and Cha were leaving for Manila and they organized the next upcoming party at Sheena’s place on December 23, then we committed.

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