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Monday, October 18, 2010

Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to all BROWSERS!
There are lot of things to consider before we decide to choose. But for me?, I'll be more particular to the quality. Like what I've got right now! The PLDT myDSL modem+wifi.

Great Feautures:
  • I can Plug and play just like my regular myDSL modem.
  • I can simultaneously using internet connection in my desk top or multi task using my laptop wherever place I can in my room, in my terrace and whenever I have to go to comfort room (LOL! )  coz I enjoyed up to 25 meters of myDSL  high speed plan wifi connection.
  • Innovative! by having a 4- port hub for more connections and can be used for future services. 
  • Plus! it can also allows remote troubleshooting.
So what are you waiting for? grab it !

Only 2,200 php  for bundled plans 990/ 1299 php
1,000 php for high Speed Plans 999/995/3000 php
Save as much as 1,500 php versus having separate modem and router.


TOLITS said...


check out my entry

chosenwoman said...

hello Christine I want to thank you for your comment you left to my blog about heat of marriage. I liked your comment. God bless and take care...Desiray

TOLITS said...

good job tin.

tim said...

that is really great...

Bongo said...

Hi There.... Nice blog..I am now following you and look forward to reading you more :)

Ray said...

If one day you feel like crying,
Call me.
I don’t promise that I will make you laugh,

But I can cry with you.

If one day you want to run away,
Don’t be afraid to call me.
I don’t promise to ask you to stop,
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If one day you don’t want to listen to anyone,
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But if one day you call,
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