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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To the next leveL

I am thrilled that I have made this decisions for it means that
I am going to experience a change in my life. And this change is for the better.
I can finally begin to get answers on the things that cause me worry or bring me happy.
It's always by choice. I know that I am the author of my own life story and that my own thoughts would shape my destiny...
I am not strong enough to handle this kind of problems that is why there’s a lot of defense mechanisms appear. But this my way of thinking absorbs to challenge my optimism. There will be some opportunities and offers to enhance and enrich my life.
However, I need to be alert to these possibilities, and if I allow disappointment to take hold I could miss out altogether. And even more importantly, I must guard against the loss of what I already have.
I always consult above whatever the decisions I made and I know that He would always give me and offer something extraordinary. I know that everything happens was for a real possible purpose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thats great, its very important to internalize all the things that happen to us so that we could learn from it......
nice.., :-)

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