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Monday, January 2, 2012

Pre Christmas Celebration

Do you know that Philippines got the longest celebration during Christmas season? It is always started when the month of August ends.

The Gistwat Barkada (A group name of Psychology students in college) celebrated their Pre Christmas Party Celebration last December 3-4, 2011Saturday to Sunday at Kaputian,  Island Garden City of Samal.

The group arrived at almost 9pm. There were three tents and one cottage. The stars were clear and the night was cold while everyone enjoyed chatting, updating career and lives to each other.

Not all Gistwat members got the chance to attend on the said party but aside from the fact, the group were still hoping for the other members who wasn't able to attend were safe and thanking the one's who have attended. 

Who among the Gistwat members have attended the Christmas Party 2011?

Riza, Mai2x, Brian, Eve's, Melai, Anne, Joy, Summer, Che2x, Jean Marie with MJ, and Christine.

After the mingle we exchanged gifts...

The process,  whoever picked the name will need to describe the person in three adjectives. So that everybody will have an idea who's that person. It's kinda process of self awareness right? Group dynamics strikes.

Every one got their gift and that was the time we started party2x!
The Star of the night
talking about everthing under the moon while they're drinking El Hombre Tequilla

and look how was the night had ended,

  sleep and sound.
To be continued...

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SweetMelody said...

My greetings from France!
After visiting your blog, I could not leave without putting a comment.
I congratulate you on your blog!
Maybe I had the opportunity to welcome you on mine too!
good day

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