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Friday, December 23, 2011

SM MOA (Mall of Asia) Philippines

I wanted to meet my friend Jean in Manila for I havent seen her for a year, I texted her if we can meet at Walter Mart but we landed on SM Sucat we do have fickle minds hehe :)

I am so glad that we've met again with my colleague ~ Jean together with her boy friend Allan... They planned to bring me at Star City but it was raining slightly so they  brought me to SM MOA to roam and have some sip of juices. 

SM Mall of Asia Philippines is located in Central Business Park, Bay Boulevard, Bay City, Pasay, Philippines.

We took a walk all over the places os SM Mall of Asia then, took a ride in the Giant Ferris wheel in SM Mall of Asia.

Inside the Giant Ferris Wheel
FYI: The giant ferris wheel won’t stop, it moves so slow, you will jump in if you ride and drop. A chance of stop if there's a child and an old lady or man and will about to hop in for about 10 seconds. 

Scenario: It was so shocking when we reached the top, the real top! it stopped for about 10 seconds. Allan, Jean and I we're amazed to the views from the top to down... It's about hundreds of feet. Actually I was a bit scared but when I just look at the sky the rat inside of me was gone.

Tips: If you ride do not look down you will definitely get dizzy and probably you will  scared to death!

For your advance information: The ride cost 150 php per head in one round. Children under 4 years old is prohibited. Children 4-12 must accompanied by parents or guardian.

What SM MOA looked like at day time?

This how SM MOA looked like during day time

The giant christmas tree ~ Fire fly led

SM MOA Fountain

How about at night? How SM MOA looked like during night time?

Here's how SM MOA looked like during night time...
Firefly led

the colorful giant ferris wheel

Even there's a little raindrops we still enjoyed the night, taking pictures, sitting on the sea side inhaling fresh air and talking a lot of things while waiting the fireworks display but unfortunately there was no schedule only Monday to Saturday. We thought we missed it couldn't see any fireworks display until it appears on the left side of our sight from afar.

The SM MOA amusements were so cool and sounding. I thank my two friends Jean and Allan for a very enjoyable trip ~ Till we meet again!

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hana banana said...

hong loke loke nomon ng MOA!!!!


masayang pasko sa'yo!

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