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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stardust Theatre Company

Come and support this 

YOUR SONG: Ang Soundtrak ng Buhay Mo
A Benefit Concert for the Angel Baraquel Home for the Boys
Stardust Theatre Company
Sept.17, 6 p.m.
ARF Stadium, Panabo City
Tickets are at Php 100 

Stardust Theatre Company
Ad astra per aspera!
Faith, Passion, Discipline, Humility, Excellence.

Vision Mission Goals

A leading theatre company in the country recognized for its passion in the Arts and its advocacy for greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity; the first ever theatre company to establish its own theatre house at the heart of Davao City, and be an award-giving institution in theatre. 

To provide a venue for aspiring artists to glorify God with their gifts, and be catalysts to greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through theatre arts, facilitating cultural relativism among audiences; and to bring Arts to each and every Dabaweño regardless of social status.


1.To offer its audiences a world-class theatre experience;

2.To mold artists to be connoisseurs with their artistic gifts, while training them to be versatile performers;

3.To heighten cultural diversity awareness and appreciation of its audiences through showcasing local and international productions;

4.To provide local artists the opportunity to pursue their passion while advancing their careers as the company establishes its own theatre house in the city;

5.To be a leading theatre company in the country respected for its adherence to the highest ethical standard and aesthetic excellence, making values and discipline as its trademark.

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