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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celebrating the 26th Kadayawan Festival in Davao City

                                      The Davao City celebrates its 26th Kadayawan Festival  to continually show gratitude of the abundant blessings of the City, like crops, gracious fruits and other bountiful harvest that Davaoenos have received.

My friend Warly explores to the city and catches nice things to see.

This is the San Pedro street , exactly right  on that place as Warly stood is to where  the parade, and floral float passed by.
Waling Waling

This is the altar of San Pedro Church Cathedral, this was renovated early of this year.

The two lively and lovely friends of ours Noemi and Ruffy

And after they have walked along the road under the heat of the sun, they went to Abreeza Mall and watch various artist, for them to be entertained.


And ofcourse who will forget to eat???  
 Chow at Mcdonalds and that's how their Friday went.

The Kadayawan wasn't over and the group decided to have a videoke at Cats and Dogs near at Rizal Promenade. We sang and ate, chat and in exchanging updates.

Richard, beside me is May,Rose, Peter and Noemi
 Sing to the max til the voice will gone!

Warlito, and our friends Richard and Noemi with the fellow task force Davao.

This is how we celebrated our 26th Kadayawan Festival.

Photos Courtesy of Mr. Warlito Kris Duran

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