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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eden Natures Park Bayabas Toril Davao City

What are the things that you may enjoy to Eden???

Take a sneak

There are lots of different species of birds


 Feel the fresh air and the green views that can make you feel so relaxing.

 There are lots of things that you can enjoy at Eden Natures Park.  You can freely do this...

Indiana jones

Sky Riding

 The wide foot ball field

Horse back riding

Can play the Larong Pinoy Piko

 You can also hug the trees...

you can step on the river

These and more you can experience a whole refreshing trip at Eden Natures Park Bayabas,Toril Davao City.
Hope you enjoy seeing....


Thristhan said...

The horse ride looks cool :)

Tsina said...

Wow, nice. Never been to Davao, hopefully I can visit in the near future! :)

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