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Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Not Just About Blogging

I've been a blogger for two years not that old but  I gained lots of friends here online. My schedule in writing before were almost everyday but when I got busy in school works I wasn't able to view my blogs and write to it as much time as I want. But when college days were over, I am more like and love to open it as far as I could. As always,I used to heart out on whats on my mind. Expressing my feelings and emotions and of course trying hard to review some of the products that has been required for the sites that I am currently affiliated.

This 2011, I am going to write anything and everything under the sun. As I love to share my view points in life and discover the unique opinion of each individual here in online  blog world. This gotta be more fun, exciting and at the same time win friends as many as I could. I remember when I was younger my friend sat beside me and asked me about. " What do you want in life?". I just simply answered , "I want to be happy, I want to make other people to be happy and let them now that I'm their friend."

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Hi I'm ROY said...

Great entry. Blogging really affects our life. Keep blogging and happy writing experiences.

alohagems said...

Good to know. I joined the contest too: Here's my entry.
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