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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It is an amphibian creature, in the rank of Anura or (tail less). frogs can't walk but can move easily through climbing and jumping. We can recognize them by their call, which we could oftenly heard by night or day , particularly during rainy seasons.

My friends always ask me, " tin? Why You Really like and love collecting frog images and stuffs such as Kerroppis?". I just smiled and answered them... "well frogs are one of the most wonderful creation of God."

They would just react ..."you're truly weird."

Yes its true! that Frogs are one of the unpleasant creature to see because of their looks, and that makes you scare!. But if we try to look at it closely you can see the beauty they have in their active colors and fine texture.

It really signifies that we can't just determine a thing by appearance alone, but by seeing the beauty of the quality.

I can say that the quality of a frog is that by being faithful, frog always raising their head, and something like they wait for the command of their father. They always knelt, begging and ask for something.

And one more thing... this maybe the other purpose of God on why frogs were created... So that people may be reminded that we need to be FROG at all times...

this means.....

F- ully





Arcadia said...

You have great images with the frog :D

F- ully


Anonymous said...

hi im vanessa...

well....what a nice fav...know i now i love frog from now on,hehehehe...

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